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  • Liz Keogh

    Liz Keogh

    Lean/Agile consultant, hard-core BDDer, speaker, blogger, poet, fantasy author, pattern hunter, complexity thinker, Londoner and unrepentant Goth.

  • swardley


    I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice. RT is not an endorsement but a sign that I find a particular subject worthy of challenge and discussion.

  • Jamie Riddell

    Jamie Riddell

    Digital Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Consultant, Movie Geek, Music Lover, World Traveller, Aspiring Writer

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Lindsay Law

    Lindsay Law

    Work in technology; passionate about diversity; write, blog, game, dance for fun; represent parents on Edinburgh's Education committee. All views:just mine.

  • Jonny Elliott

    Jonny Elliott

  • Jon Shave

    Jon Shave

  • Scott Kennedy

    Scott Kennedy

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